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Light Installation

We have got our own installation team with qualified and experienced electricians who take on the complete installation of lighting fittings, light systems and light control systems.

Repairs, changes and customized designs are carried out in our specially equipped light studio.

In addition, our customers are offered the programming of light control systems and lighting technology of buildings.

The specialists of the “Lichthaus Moesch“ support the installation team by means of advice on the spot as well as by samples. Moreover they see to our customers competently and flexibly as far as special solutions and complex light projects are concerned.




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29.05.2013: BROSCHÜRE


Unsere neue Broschüre ist da  ...hier klicken


20.05.2013: Licht Magazine kostenlos lesen

Bei uns lesen Sie die aktuelle Online-Ausgabe des Magazines " Licht Kult "  kostenlos.